‘Tis the Season

‘Twas the holiday season at Arabian Nights. Our performers were putting on costumes and tights, Our horses were decked out in bridles with bells, And from our kitchens came delicious smells. But amidst all this goodness, we thought to our selves That we now had the chance to mimic Santa’s elves. Our stockings are full here, we really feel blessed. But we’d feel better still if we gave to the [...]

The Face of the American Princess: Misty Morgan

Today, we’ll be profiling Misty Morgan, who works in the stables at Arabian Nights. If you’re a fan of Arabian Nights, you’d probably recognize her, even if you didn’t know her name. Why would she seem so familiar to you? Well, that’s Misty’s face, smiling out at you from T-shirts, business cards, brochures, posters, signs, and anywhere else you’ve seen the American Princess logo. While Misty isn’t the only rider [...]

The Native Act: A Tribute

One of the most challenging acts in the show is the Native Act – a demonstration of an equestrian technique known as reining. Reining is a type of Western riding, and is occasionally referred to as “Western dressage” due to the degree of difficulty of the practice. It is a technique that is truly native to America, making it the perfect technique to demonstrate in Arabian Nights’ tribute to Native [...]

Performer Profiles Proudly Presents: Zach!

Today, we’ll be profiling Zachary Becker who works in the Stables at Arabian Nights. Last month, Zach was named Employee of the Month for his all his hard work, especially his extra efforts in promoting Arabian Nights at the Horsey Yard Sale. I also learned last night that he does a pretty snazzy victory dance when he’s bowling. He was nice enough to answer my questions about his job. How [...]

Show-stopper: The Gypsy Bareback Act

Since I’ve spent the last several weeks sharing my performer for a day experience, this week’s post will be a tribute to the act in which I performed: the Gypsy Bareback act, which Mark Miller calls “the heart of the show.” I sat down with him to find out how the act came into being. When Arabian Nights opened on February 29, 1988, it was just the Bareback act. In [...]