Featured Breed: Al-Marah Arabians

Featured Breed: Al-Marah Arabians

Guests and employees at Arabian Nights often remark on how beautiful and talented the horses in our show are and this week we feature Al-Marah Arabians.

Many of our horses are Arabian horses, a beautiful breed of horse that originated in the deserts of the Middle East and was prized for its stamina and beauty. These horses were imported first to Europe and later to the United States by horse owners and breeders who saw the incredible value of such athletic and refined horses.

One of the first American importers of these gorgeous horses was Bazy Tankersley, who has bred and raised some of the finest Arabian horses on her farm Al-Marah Arabians, in Tucson, AZ.

Bazy’s son Mark Miller is the founder of Arabian Nights, and he grew surrounded by her fabulous horses, both on the farm in Arizona and at a farm they had in Maryland. His love for these beautiful horses is what prompted him to open Arabian Nights in 1988, and nearly twenty years later, a large number of the horses used in the show still come from his mother’s Al- Marah Arabians.

“We love our Al-Marah horses because they are unique in their beauty, athletic ability and willing dispositions,” Miller said.

Many of the Al-Marah foals are raised on Tankersley’s 2,000 acre Hat Ranch near the Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona, and after their wild youth is over, some of them come to Arabian Nights to become star performers, while other go on to become competitors in Endurance, Show Jumping, Reining and Dressage riding.

Not all of the horses chosen from Al-Marah to perform at Arabian Nights are suited to the task, and the stable managers at Arabian Nights carefully monitor how the horses adjust to this high intensity performance environment. Horses that seem uninterested in this type of performance career are returned to Al-Marah after they undergo their first round of training, and many go on to have outstanding careers as competitive performance horses.

Others thrive on the performing life at Arabian Nights, basking in the applause of the audience and the praise from their riders and trainers. These horses go on to have long and illustrious careers as the stars of the Arabian Nights show, where they excite and entertain audiences each and every night.

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  1. Hello. I was just wondering how one would audition for an acting role, or even just applying for employment at Arabian Nights. I really enjoyed my experience and the show as well. I just need more information about auditioning applying for employment.

    • Hi Terennce,

      You can stop by to apply anytime and our stage manager will call for open auditions. We have actor auditions every 90 days or so. We will also have an online application up soon! Thank you for your interest in Arabian Nights.

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  3. I have an Arabian horse breeding farm near Fort Worth,Texas. My concentration is on helping to preserve the Al Marah bloodlines. These horses are wonderful companions and athletes!
    A horse I bred named Al Marah Silver Charm was supposed to be joining the show this fall. Can you tell me if he is there yet? If so, I would love to see a photo of him. I have not seen him since he was a weanling and would love to see how he has matured.

    • Hi Brenda,
      I spoke with our Barn Manager and was told that Al Marah Silver Charm is currently with one of our trainers in Chicago and has not been placed in the show as yet. Make sure to check back for updates!

  4. Love the horses in the Al Marah program! Who are all the black stallions that perform in the shows? Samsson, Storm (I think), and is there a third?

  5. more specifically, is the third stallion Chances R GMF (Samson’s half brother)?

  6. Sabre is Sampson’s half brother and yes his real name is Chances R GMF, good eye!

  7. This blog is sooo beautiful and the horses are looking stunning.

  8. How often do you have auditions for riders? Also, what are the qualifications a rider must have?

    • Hi there! We try to have auditions once a month, but it also depends how many applications we get in.
      Qualifications- riding experience, both english and western. Performing experience.

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